Sunday Timesí video  exposes the sordid activity of badger baiting

An undercover operation jointly undertaken by the Ulster SPCA and journalist, John Mooney from The Sunday Times has exposed the true horror of badger baiting in Ireland (Sunday Times 22nd February 09). Because of the secretive nature of this barbaric practice, infiltration by any Ďoutsiderí has, until now proved almost impossible.

The badger is protected by Irish legislation (The Irish Wildlife Act 1973, amended 2000) and the Convention on the Conservation of Wildlife and Natural Habitats, known as The Berne Convention. Ireland is a signatory to the latter. Neither has come anyway near giving the badger the protection it needs.
It is fair to say badger-baiting is mainly a weekend activity, carried out in every county. Those involved are well known but remain untouchable. The penalties, if caught, are derisory and prove no deterrent to the dedicated follower.

The above makes this country a safe haven for visiting animal abusers who know only too that their chances of being apprehended are next to nothing. Our wildlife is, after all, part of our inheritance to be cherished like any other natural treasure. Itís a pity the Irish Government fails to see it in that light.

WARNING: The following video shows explicit images that some may find distressing

This Video is No longer Available